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Transform Your Twin Cities Oasis: Summer Outdoor Entertainment

Michael Kaslow

Michael is often described by his family, close friends and team as "the glue" that keeps everything together and bonded...

Michael is often described by his family, close friends and team as "the glue" that keeps everything together and bonded...

Jun 24 1 minutes read

With the Twin Cities embracing the sun and warmth of the short but sweet Minnesotan summer, enhancing your backyard into a prime entertainment area becomes not just an aspiration but a necessity. Hosting family BBQs, inviting over friends, or simply enjoying a serene evening under our vast skies transforms completely with the right outdoor setting. Moreover, such upgrades do add a nice little bump to your property's value here in Minneapolis and St. Paul!

Let's dive into six transformative ideas for your outdoor entertainment space, tailored to the Twin Cities vibe.

1. Craft a Cozy Outdoor Lounge Twin Cities Style

Begin with designing a lounge that screams coziness in our unique Twin Cities fashion. Given our diverse weather patterns, opt for weather-resistant furnishings. Consider a mix of plush sofas, comfy chairs, or even a hammock for that laid-back vibe. Adding throw pillows and blankets in local team colors—think Vikings purple or Twins red—could add a regional touch.

A fire pit becomes a year-round focal point, not just for summer evenings but also chilly fall nights, while string lights bring a touch of magic as the city skyline twinkles in the distance. Ensuring there's a spot for your Grain Belt or Surly to rest is essential, so don't skimp on side tables or a nifty bar cart.

2. Twin Cities Alfresco Dining

Eating outdoors is a cherished summertime tradition here. An alfresco dining setup that complements the urban-yet-green backdrop of our cities can make for memorable meals. A sturdy dining set that withstands our sometimes-unpredictable weather, paired with a pergola or umbrella, can provide much-needed shade and a hint of sophistication.

Enhancing the area with an outdoor rug and decorating the pergola with lights and local flora can link your dining experience to the natural beauty of the Twin Cities, from the Mississippi Riverbanks to the numerous lakes dotting our cities.

3. Ultimate Twin Cities Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

For the culinary enthusiast, no summer is complete without an outdoor kitchen. Start with a premium grill and include a prep station fitted with storage for your local farm market finds and craft beer selections. If feasible, add a mini-fridge or a standalone bar, fleshing out the social atmosphere of Twin Cities hospitality.

Accent the area with a bar counter featuring stools for that "everyone's welcome" Minnesota nice vibe. A locally-sourced stone countertop can withstand our elements and add a touch of local elegance.

4. Set Up a Backyard Theater

Embrace the Twin Cities' vibrant arts scene with your own backyard cinema. A projector and screen setup can do wonders, turning your backyard into the hottest ticket in town. Comfortable seating that ranges from bean bags to lounge chairs invites everyone to kick back and enjoy the show under our expansive Northern skies.

Add some fairy lights or locally crafted lanterns to refine the ambiance. A popcorn station is a must, and incorporating a selection of local treats and brews can define the experience as unmistakably Twin Cities.

5. Water Features for a Mini Minnehaha Retreat

Incorporating a water feature can transform your space into a calming retreat, reminiscent of our own Minnehaha Falls. Whether it's a quaint fountain or a small pond, the soothing sound of water can provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation. For those sweltering days or cool evenings, consider a hot tub or plunge pool surrounded by lush foliage—a nod to our plentiful green spaces and parks.

6. Garden Games and Twin Cities Thrills

Our local culture loves outdoor activities, from bocce ball to giant Jenga. Installing a permanent game area—be it a bocce court or horseshoe pit—can be a great addition for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. For families, incorporating a play area with child-friendly setups can keep the young ones engaged, mirroring the family-friendly atmosphere of the Twin Cities.

Final Twin Cities Touches

Adding final touches with an eye for local flair can make your outdoor space truly standout. Opt for planters filled with native plants for a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly approach. Outdoor rugs and cushions in vibrant colors or patterns inspired by our local art scene can tie the space together.

Quality outdoor speakers to play the latest from First Avenue's finest and solar-powered lights for eco-conscious illumination are must-haves. These enhancements not only make your outdoor area functional and stylish but also deeply rooted in the spirit of the Twin Cities.

By considering these ideas, you're not just crafting an outdoor entertainment area—you're embedding a piece of the Twin Cities into your home. It's about making the most of our beautiful summers, from lakeside to cityscape, and enjoying the vibrant, diverse culture that makes our area unique. Here's to making countless memories under the Minnesota sky.

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