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Roller Derby: The Twin Cities’ Best Kept Secret!

Roller derby.

Some people are already fans, some people have never heard of it, and some people have a very outdated idea of what they remember roller derby to be.

When I tell people that I play roller derby, I tend to get the same reactions over and over again:

“Oh yeah, I used to watch that on T.V. when I was a kid!”
“Do you beat each other up?”
“Oh, rollerball, eh? How long have you been roller blading?”

Today, roller derby is a legitimate sport with only a vague resemblance to the rigged, wrestle-mania-like show it once was. Roller derby holds a physicality similar to hockey, but is played on quad roller skates. The sport is played on a flat-track, and the outcomes are never planned.

There are upwards of 20 derby leagues in Minnesota alone, but did you know that there are THREE local adult roller derby leagues here in the Twin Cities?? Take a look for yourself!

Over 2,500 fans gather @ the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in downtown Saint Paul for a Minnesota RollerGirls game. (Photo credit: Ron Wilbur)














The three Twin Cities Leagues are:

The Minnesota Rollergirls- Saint Paul  (pictured above and below)

Northstar Roller Derby- Minneapolis

Twin Cities Roller Derby- Minneapolis

All three leagues offer the same great sport played in a variety of venues. Audience sizes range from a couple dozen to a few thousand.

Crust Almighty (me!) working to stop Madame De Stompadour. (Photo credit: Ron Wilbur)












Anita Spankston of the Garda Belts hypes the crowd. (Photo credit: Ron Wilbur)

The night is full of fun and entertainment for the entire family!

Come down to the track and dance along to the half-time band, have a cocktail at the full bar, sit in your favorite team’s cheering section, get special visits from your favorite skaters, and get your hair/beard glittered in the lobby: all for the same price as a movie ticket!

Kung Pow Bitchin’ signs autographs at halftime. (Photo credit: Ron Wilbur)











Scarman Helectra (center), EsmerHellda (right) & Little Rascal (Left) fight for lead Jammer. (Photo credit: Ron Wilbur)
The Garda Belts on the bench getting ready for a jam. (Photo credit: Ron Wilbur)
Mother/ Daughter roller derby skaters- Freeze Baby (left) & her daughter sugarBEATdown (right). (Photo credit: Ron Wilbur)

The only way to truly understand what roller derby is about is to come to a game and experience it for yourself. So pick a Saturday night and come out to see one of the Twin Cities’ best kept secrets! It’s the perfect evening event to experience something new and have some fun.

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