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Healing Crystals for Your Home

You may have heard all the hype around healing crystals and gemstones in recent years. Perhaps the hype piqued your interest, and you collected a few crystals of your own, displayed in your home or office. Maybe you simply find them aesthetically appealing, and enjoy wearing them as jewelry (such as in a necklace or earrings). Or maybe you could care less and have never given them a second thought.

In addition to collection items and jewelry, healing crystals are actually beautiful and affordable ways to decorate your home. Having these stones in your environment could actually help calm your anxiety, promote better sleep, attract wealth, or even help sell your home by bringing positive energy into your space.

Healing crystals and gemstones are natural gifts from the earth that each hold their own unique vibrational charge. For example, quartz watches utilize quartz crystals because they hold a specific frequency that regulates the movement of a clock. Some of the first radios ever invented used crystals to transmit radio waves. Formed in nature, some of these gems contain lifetimes of energy, and can be very powerful when intentionally placed in the right area of your home.

Below I’ve listed some of my favorite crystals, as well as where and why to place them in your home. I’ve also included some tips on choosing which crystal is right for you!


Known as the stone of wealth, abundance, and success in all endeavors, Citrine geodes attract prosperity. These crystals are great to keep in the hearth of a home. Unlike other crystals that absorb negative energy and need to be cleansed, Citrine transforms negative energy without holding onto it. Also known as the “merchant’s stone,” Citrine attracts money and financial success, so keep one in your purse, cash drawer or at your office.





Amethysts are calming, soothing, spiritual stones that help heal physical ailments and emotional issues. They are also often used to help promote sleep, cure insomnia, and banish nightmares. Additionally, they are said to calm hyperactivity in children and animals. They boost the production of hormones, strengthen the immune system, and aid in treatment of the digestive tract, heart, stomach and skin. Place these anywhere in your bedroom, on your nightstand, or under your pillow.




The Celestite crystal calms, soothes, and promotes relaxation, harmony, and a restful sleep. It may even assist with dream recall (if you’re into that). This stone aids in connecting you with your angels and namely your inner guardian angel. Keep one on your nightstand, or meditate while holding it to restore you to your natural state of joy. Celestite is also great for kids’ rooms.








This stone energetically purifies and cleanses the air and space of the room it’s placed in. Place Selenite in the windowsill of the living room or family room to pick up to pick up the beautiful natural light, or under your bed to feel the stone’s purifying energy all throughout the night.







Not to be confused with your own appetite, Apatite comes in a variety of colors (my favorites are yellow and blue). This stone helps you curb your appetite, inspire you to eat healthier, cook up something fresh, or make healthier food choices. Place in the kitchen near cooking supplies, or on any nearby counter tops or display shelves.




Turquoise helps promote healthy and conscious eating behaviors. Place it near your plate and allow it to help you feel gratitude for your meal. It also is said to be helpful to those who have digestive problems. Keep in the dining room or incorporate into a dining table centerpiece.








To help you concentrate and stay focused, keep Azurite at your desk, in your home office, or your children’s homework area to pick up on its rumination-enhancing benefits.








Rose Quartz

Promoting love and self-care, Rose Quartz is best-placed in your bathroom (near your skin and beauty products) to help you feel compassion for yourself and boost your confidence. You can even bring a Rose Quartz into the bath with you to infuse the water with its energy. The bedroom is another area you can place Rose Quartz to attract love and romance into your space, and create a loving environment.






Black Tourmaline

Known to be very protective and energy-clearing, Black Tourmaline is best-placed near the front door of your home or above the door frame to benefit from its protective qualities.






My two favorite crystal shops are: ZRS Fossils and Gifts located at 3018 Lyndale Ave S. in Minneapolis, and The Enchanted Rock Garden on 6445 Lyndale Ave S. in Richfield. They say that crystals choose you, so the best way to shop for them is to just walk around the store and pay attention to anything that catches your eye or jumps out at you. Some people even have a physical reaction when they pick one up, such as a hot or cold sensation, or even a current running up their arm. If this happens, that crystal very likely contains a healing property you need. Whatever you do, don’t overthink it!

Once you select a few crystals and bring them home with you, it’s important to cleanse them of any energy they’ve absorbed along the way. To do this, simply rinse or submerge them in water (as long as the crystal is not water soluble). You may also cleanse them by placing them in a windowsill under sunlight or moonlight. Next, hold each crystal individually and “program” it by setting an intention with what you want it to help you with.

The sky is the limit with crystals – you truly can’t go wrong, as each has their own unique healing properties. Even if you start your collection out with just a few, at the very least you’ll be surrounded by their beauty (and they’ll secretly be working in your favor to bring positive energy into your life and home). Happy crystal-hunting!

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