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Extreme Makeover: Tangletown Edition

The Perfect Fit

Jessy and Chad were first-time homebuyers on the hunt. I knew they were looking for some place specific to fit their needs and lifestyle, and I was determined to find it for them. On one hand, there’s a lot to consider when searching for a home: layout, flooring, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, overall state of the home, etc. But on the other hand, it’s important to keep “vision” in mind. That is, there’s a lot of potential that goes into a home, too. Little tweaks and changes. Updates, renovations, and refurbishments. That said, you might be surprised by how far a few cosmetic changes can go, such as paint colors, wallpaper, and accessories.

I could tell right away that Jessy and Chad had great “vision:” they make a stellar team, and they can truly picture a room’s full potential. After a while of searching, the couple spent an hour in this Tangletown home later on a Friday night. And boy, did the sparks fly. This was definitely “the one.”

Jessy and her sister own an optical store in the Eden Prairie Mall, and Chad is a coffee importer. They both decided to buy in the Spring of 2018, closing on their new place in June. Ever since then, they’ve been slowly but surely re-constructing their new home to fit their “vision.” They have spent the last 6+ months touching every surface of the house, on each floor. While the home was built in 1919, Jessy and Chad were able to maintain the property’s original time period charm, while also bringing it to the modern age.

Finally, things are starting to come together. The end result is beautiful, unique, and comfortable. We wanted to share all their hard work with you!


The Before and After

Before: Kitchen view from the Dining Room, under construction
Before: the Kitchen footprint remained the same (no structural changes were made!)













After: Kitchen with new counter tops and painted cabinets (same cabinets, but with new hardware!)
After: beaituful Dining Room that feels more open, and has some amazing wallpaper to add character









Before: Living Room and darker fireplace
Before: Living Room looking into Sun Room, with rounded entryway/archway













After: Living Room + Doggo
After: Living Room (and re-surfaced fireplace!)








Before: the Master Bedroom used to be just a carpeted room
Before: but then this was turned into a Master Suite!













After: beautiful Master Bathroom
After: Master Bathroom













After: spacious Master Bedroom with hardwood floors
After: the Master Suite includes a spacious closet and all-new bathroom
























Essentially Jessy and Chad created a master bedroom suite over the garage, brought up plumbing from downstairs for the new master bathroom, took out carpeting, and added tile. They also brightened up the living room with some paint colors and resurfacing, and they replaced all the lighting fixtures as well. With some plans to add another bedroom and bathroom to the basement, this 2100 square foot home has a whole new look and feel. I’m so happy to have worked with Jessy and Chad, and to see their “vision” become manifested. Cheers, you two–I’m so excited to see what you do next! 🙂

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