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6 Steps to Buying a Home: Your Infographic to Success

Buyer Pathway

Every real estate buyer, no matter the amount of home-buying experience, follows the same home-buying path of checklists and action items. For those of you not as familiar with these items (or you just need to brush-up) your MKT Buyer Specialist is here to help guide you down this Buyer Pathway: from initial consultation all the way down to the closing table.

Our goal is to never leave you asking “What’s next?” As daunting as buying a home may seem, with the right guidance you can focus on what’s most important: determining what fits you and your family’s needs the best. With that direction, we have all we need to help you find and close on the perfect property for you! In order to break down all the steps for you, we’ve developed a quick infographic below that you can refer to at any time.

MKT Buyer Pathway

The Six Main Steps of the Buyers Pathway

1) Pre-Approval

The first step in the home buying process should be talking to a lender to get pre-approved for a loan, unless you’re purchasing with cash. This not only helps you set your top dollar amount for your purchase, but also helps narrow down the search and expectations, which is the quickest path to finding your new home. There are many many potential lending sources to choose from. Whichever partner you choose is up to you. The reason we suggest some of our partners is solely based upon their success rate in getting our buyers to the closing table. If we make it all the way down this buyer pathway, and you are not able to close on your property due to your lender financing, you could very well lose your dream home and start this process from the beginning. It is our job to help you avoid such things, and it starts with partnering with a qualified mortgage lender.

2) Home Search

Your home search is based on criteria you and your family decide are important to you. It is rare that you will get all of these items, but it helps to start to prioritize them early. They might move around in order of importance, but keeping them in the forefront of your decision-making process is the only way to find that perfect home.

3) Make an Offer

When you finally do find that perfect home, you will need to be ready to make an offer. It is our job to help put you in the position of making your strongest offer possible.

4) Offer Accepted

Even the most attractive offers don’t get accepted without changes or counter offers. This is one of the moments you need your Buyer Specialist the most: during the negotiation. Every single real estate transaction involves negotiation, from the first offer all the way to the closing table. You’ll be happy you chose a full-time agent on The Michael Kaslow Team for this negotiating process.

5) Home Inspection

Not only will we help you negotiate the best price, we will also help to avoid any pitfalls with items that come up during inspection and appraisal. Negotiation is not finished after you agree upon a purchase price. The inspection could reveal a handful of items that need to be addressed. Each one of these steps requires a seasoned negotiator, or team of negotiators, to help put you in the best position possible when purchasing a property.

6) Closing

Getting to the closing table with all these moving parts can be confusing. That is why we partner with some of the best title and closers in the business. It is our goal to have everything run as smoothly as possible, so that closing day allows you freedom, clarity, and the keys to your new home.

The only thing we love more than working with buyers is working with buyers for the second and third time. It is our hope that this process is so seamless, it hardly seems like a process at all. And when the time comes, you can look forward to working with us again. If you have any questions at all on these steps, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of The Michael Kaslow Team team members. We love to hear from our clients!

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Nicoli Holm

Nicoli has a unique blend of real estate knowledge having grown up in the Lake Minnetonka area, and currently owning real estate in outstate Minnesota, urban condo and the multifamily rental world. He is eager to help you with any of the above!

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  • Hey Nicoli, this is indeed ana amazing infographic on the buyer pathway and I respect the time and effort that has been taken in making and sharing this. I clearly explain the various stages involved in the home buying process and I am definitely saving it in my record for future reference.

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